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Stay ahead of the Weather

Whatever industry you are in, when it comes to organising hauls or specialised lifts for your business, the weather can have a huge impact on the timing, procedures, risks and even whether or not the job can actually go ahead. As part of running lorries we are always checking the weather and forecasts for the week ahead to foresee any complications with regards to jobs and lifts booked in.

We recently came across a beautifully designed and extremely precise weather app which means we are able to check the weather and obtain precise, beautifully detailed and accurate information whilst receiving weather updates and warnings directly from the app to our phones.

The Weather LIVE app is available for download on both Android and iTunes and we have popped the links below.

Whether you download the app solely for business or personal use, it will be a beautiful addition to your smart devises.

Gemma Duck

C.P.Duck Haulage

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